A truly unforgettable experience: the story of QA Boot Camp


From September to December, we carried out a project called QA Boot Camp. It was specifically designed for close relatives of our employees, who also moved abroad.

Living in a different country can be challenging, especially when you have to give up your career and community. So we wanted to provide the participants of the project with a sense of belonging, useful knowledge, and new ways of self-realization. 

When we first announced QA Boot Camp, we received over 150 applications. Everyone, who passed a simple test, was then invited to the projects. We ended up with 117 people excited to find out more about testing.  

QA Boot Camp explored every topic that a future engineer would need: from the basics of testing to practical tools. The participants learned how to work with Linux, networks, sniffers, and databases. They got a hang of web application and API testing, as well as automation of testing. 

JettyCloud team at QA Boot Camp  

During the three months of the project, JettyCloud's QA testers voluntarily shared their knowledge and skills. Raisa, our team lead, was also the project's lead. She was responsible for planning out the project, gathering the team, and preparing lectures dedicated to the theory of testing. Raisa shared her thoughts about QA Boot Camp: 

During the project, I realized that everything is possible if you're with the right people. 

«JettyCloud provided us with a budget for infrastructure. The HR team helped to organize the lectures and review materials. Engineering teams helped to set up our testing system. Everyone was extremely supportive!»

Over 20 people from the JettyCloud team participated in the organization of the QA Boot Camp. They prepared lectures, recorded videos, and mentored people who joined the project. Our testers have done an immense amount of work and each week dedicated their free time to the project. Anna, of the mentors, shared her story: 

«I found out about the project in the summer. Right away I decided to join the project as a mentor. I was so excited about the idea but didn't have a clue about the challenges that were coming. At first, I was supposed to do only one lecture on API automation. I prepared a plan, but then found out that I was supposed to show tests automated with Java. And I had never worked with that programming language. I was anxious about it but didn't want to let the team down, so I started learning Java. Later on, I had to cover for another lecturer. I was supposed to make a presentation on manual API testing, and I didn't have much time to do that. This is when the real challenge began. I had to do my day job, prepare the lecture, check the homework of my mentees, and take care of my toddler — all at once! »

I still can't believe I managed all that. But that was a truly unforgettable experience. I will happily do it again!

Once it was finished 

37 participants finished all parts of the project. As their final homework, they had to test a marketplace application called «Bazar», created specifically for the project. 

The participants had to take everything they learned from the project and apply it to their final task. They created test strategies, designed test cases, and made bug reports. The project's finalists worked with databases, Linux, and Docker, as well as performed troubleshooting. Some of the graduates even automated their tests — and we couldn't be more proud.  

In December in order to say our final adieu to the project we carried out an online graduation party. The project's mentors shared stories of how they first got into the IT industry to inspire their mentees to find their own paths. Yulia, our recruitment specialist, shared tips on how to make an impressive CV, even when you don't have much experience. Many of the project's graduates started seeking a job in testing. We wish them luck on this journey and believe they would make great professionals! 

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