JettyCloud supports eco-project Recycleaf


Our company has been supporting eco-initiatives for many years. We engage in office recycling, advocate for responsible resource consumption, and collaborate with eco-projects.

One of these projects is the Batumi organization called Recycleaf. These guys recycle plastic and produce jewelry, furniture, and various household items from recycled materials, such as soap dishes and phone stands.

We have visited Recycleaf on tours to familiarize ourselves with the process of recycling secondary materials, and we have also ordered furniture from them. The mirror and chairs that were specially created for us from recycled cables and plastic can be found in the wardrobe of our Batumi office. Additionally, in the Batumi office, we collect bottle caps which we take to their studio for recycling.

Recently Recycleaf celebrated its one-year anniversary. They invited everyone who had supported the project during this time, including JettyCloud. At the warm party, our company was acknowledged with gratitude.

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