Software engineer (Core media team)

Technology Stack:

linux, SDP, VoiP, WebRTC, JavaScript, Node.js, Erlang, C




Software engineer (Core media team)

We develop UCaaS platform RingCentral that is used by over 1 million businesses. It helps them all around the world to stay in touch with their customers and employees. We make everything work smoothly.

Our team is involved in the development of the RingCentral Video Conferencing service which built on top of WebRTC. RingCentral Video Conferencing service let organize the audio and video conference for hundreds of participants in different regions.

Team is working on the Selective Forwarding Controller: core video conference system signaling for media backend service. Service is responsible for SDP negotiation between video conference participants, forming the forwarding rules for Selective Forwarding Unit (SFU) and between SFUs in the different regions.

We are looking for an experienced softwage engineer with possible background in audio/video processing and networking backend services.

You are going to:

  • Design and develop backend services for video conferencing application;

  • Perform code review;

  • Take an active part in product requirements analysis and technical backlog planning;

  • Be a part of a professional team;

  • Write and run unit tests.

Our expectations:

  • Experience in programming backend microservices for Linux from 3 years;

  • Experience in developing and debugging asynchronous or multi-threaded code;

  • Experience or willingness to migrate to JavaScript/TypeScript under Node.JS;

  • Understanding of network protocols (IP, TCP, UDP, HTTP);

  • Experience in solving problems related to network programming.

Will be an advantage:

  • Experience in VoIP;

  • Experience in WebRTC (SIP, SDP, RTP, RTCP);

  • Experience in design of high load systems;

  • Experience in Erlang.

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