Senior QA Performance Engineer

Technology Stack:

Kafka, RabbitMQ, Mongo,WebRTC, REST, SOAP, HTTP, SIP




Senior QA Performance Engineer

We are a friendly and passionate team of engineers, who love to poke our noses into different spaces of company's code and find there problems with performance and stability.

We are looking for people like us: those who are not afraid to engage in complex multi-component business logic; those who want to do very serious analytical work; those who are not afraid to understand the essence of any feature of a computer program; those who are not afraid of the training period and routine work (which we still have a lot of); those who make high demands on themselves and their work and constantly invest in themselves, who include gaps in knowledge.

JettyCloud is a Georgian IT-Company. Our engineers work on a UCaaS solution for business communications called RingCentral. 

It is planned to move to RingCentral Bulgaria, which is located in Sofia. 


We personally tested web sockets, video conferencing, a corporate mailbox and a git server, billing, a database, mobile gadgets, Docker and VMWare infrastructure, network routers, firewalls and fresh hardware;   

For 8 years of capturing our team, we have managed to plunge into a variety of technologies and solutions:

  • We personally tested web sockets, video conferencing, a corporate mailbox and a git server, billing, a database, mobile gadgets, Docker and VMWare infrastructure, network routers, firewalls and fresh hardware;

  • We worked with Kafka and RabbitMQ, Mongo, WebRTC, REST, SOAP, HTTP, SIP; 

  •  Viewed on all popular frameworks for load testing: Visual Studio, Gatling, JMeter, Grinder, Tsung, Yandex.Tank, BlazeMeter;   

  • When there were no Kibana and Grafana, we looked at the results of the collection using Django, Postgresql and Memcached, and made us look for about 20 results in each regression test in order to recalculate them in the usual graphs and percentiles ... 

  •  …and we don’t plan to stop there: we automate our launches and implement volumes of recalculating loads over time, improve and accelerate analytics based on the results of hundreds of servers and thousands of test cases, come up with tools for coverage and, of course, use new projects, clouds in the company.   If you want to work with us, but it seems to you that your experience is not enough, don't worry: we will learn our profession! BUT IMPORTANT: we want you to have a set of technical knowledge that we plan to use, how to use for your preparation.   

We want from you

  • An extreme degree of curiosity (nothing will work without it) to everything that happens in IT: to technologies, good things and even PC devices;

  • Understanding of the main processes, violations of their software development, development methodologies and their differences;

  • Establishment (like the back of your hand) auditions and approaches to them;

  • Knowledge of the Unix device at the level of working with files from the command line;Knowledge of Windows at the level of an advanced user and an understanding of where the features of increased system activity are enabled and disabled;

  • Knowledge of the SQL language at the tester level: for example, you need to know how to select data from two tables or all records;

  • Ability to code and read code in any (any) private programming language;

  • Understanding the structure of the web and high cognitive speech, how the main protocols differ from each other. 

We offer

  • Well-coordinated professional team;

  • Cutting edge technologies, interesting and challenging tasks, dynamic project, great opportunities for self-realization, professional and career growth;

  • Flexible working hours and opportunity for a hybrid work;

  • Job placement and payment of salary take place according to the labor code, as well as vacation and sick lists;

  • Medical Insurance, including Dental and Vision;

  • Life Insurance;

  • Business Travel Insurance;

  • Employee Assistance Program;

  • Vacation 25 days vacation;

  • Tickets compensation - $500 per family member (but not more than $2000);

  • Accommodation compensation - $2000 (if employee lives in apartments which are provided by RC) or $2500 (if rents accommodation by himself);

  • Meal vouchers.

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