Machine Learning Developer



Machine Learning Developer

We are looking for an experienced Software Developer to join the RingCentral Operations Intelligence team. You will be responsible for designing and implementing monitoring systems used to provide accurate operational insights into RingCentral services’ operational status. The candidate should have a background in distributed systems development and machine learning to help us extract more value from our data. As a Machine Learning Developer, you will lead all the processes spanning from the data collection, cleaning, and preprocessing, to training models, evaluating their efficiency, and deploying them to production.


  • Support and improve a rich set of in-house developed monitoring tools.

  • Design and implement machine learning systems based on the operational monitoring data.

  • Research and implement the ML algorithms that could be used to provide forecast-based alerting and monitoring events correlation.

  • Explore and visualize data to gain an understanding of it.

  • Collaborate with development and operations teams to define the preprocessing and feature engineering to be done on a given dataset.

  • Verify data quality, and ensure it via data cleaning and enrichment.

  • Perform statistical analysis and model fine-tuning.

  • Drive the deployment of the models to the company’s environments - Dev to Prod.


  • Proven experience as a Machine Learning Developer or similar role of 3+ years.

  • Understanding of data structures, data modeling, and software architecture.

  • Proficiency with Python and basic libraries for machine learning.

  • Deep knowledge of math, probability, statistics, and algorithms.

  • Familiarity with Linux and Kubernetes.

  • Understanding of the monitoring domain and SaaS approaches.

  • Familiarity with ITIL or other IT service management frameworks.

  • Ability to work in a diverse multicultural environment, communicating with globally distributed teams.

  • Customer-centric mindset.

  • Team player with self-start ability.

  • Fluent in spoken and written English. 

Preferable technology stack: 

  • OS: Linux (CentOS/RedHat/Oracle Linux).

  • Programming languages in order of preference: Python, R, Go.

  • Cloud: AWS.

  • Containerization: Kubernetes.

  • Distributed Log: Kafka, ELK stack.

  • Monitoring: Zabbix, Prometheus, CloudWatch, Grafana.

  • DBs: VictoriaMetrics, MongoDB, PostgreSQL, MySQL.

  • Configuration Mgmt: Ansible, Terraform, ArgoCD, Spinnaker.

  • VCS: GitLab.


  •  B.S in Computer Engineering, Computer Science, or related field with 3+ years of related experience.

  We offer:

  • Well-coordinated professional team.

  • Cutting edge technologies, interesting and challenging tasks, dynamic project, great opportunities for self-realization, professional and career growth.

  • Additional Health and Life Insurance Package.

  • Employee Assistance Program.

  • 25 vacation days.

  • ReBenefit Platform Account with 400BGN value monthly.

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